Herbal Facial Steam + Mini Giveaway (giveaway closed)

Earlier this year, I ordered a crapload of herbs to make an herbal blend for one of my expecting friends. I’ve always dabbled a bit with some herbs here and there (usually lavender, mint & rosemary being my mains) but never really had this much to play with!

Herbs have so many beneficial properties and there are hundreds you can try for just about any ailment. For the steams, I focus mainly on using calming herbs and teas packed with antioxidants. I promise you it’s as magnificent as it sounds, and it’s really beneficial for the skin. I include it in my skincare routine once a week after cleansing and before a mask or my moisturizing step. 

One of my favorite things about this herbal steam is how easy it is to make. Pro tip, if you don’t have any herbs on hand, just use whatever tea bags you have lying around. Green tea is one of my favorites to use. 

No mad scientist type measurements or steps over here. I just use equal parts of everything I decide to throw in (all equaling up to about a cup collectively). You can even add in some of your favorite dried flowers and essential oils for their calming and aromatherapy benefits. I like to turn on some soft music, dim the lights and light my most prized sea salt candle. It’s ike being at the spa without actually leaving the house!

 Here are the quick benefits of the herbal steam:

  • Softens the top layer of skin to help remove dirt & debris from your pores
  • Gives skin a supple, healthy glow by increasing the blood circulation
  • Helps hydrate & soothe  the skin
  • Softening blackhead and whiteheads to help release from the skin 

You can keep your ingredient list short or you can mix and match whatever you please. I like to use what I have on hand. One of my favorites to use is green tea due to the high antioxidants. Another favorite is a rose and lavender blend for its soothing and calming properties.  The herb blends are infinite so I suggest you have fun with it! Even add in some essential oils if you’re feeling fancy πŸ’…πŸΎ !

Before we get started, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large stock pot or Dutch oven 
  • About 3/4 – 1 cup of herbs
  • Large bowl
  • Large towel

Step 1: Fill large stock pot with water (mine is about 5 quarts, I filled it up to about 4)

Step 2: Let water come to a full rolling boil

Step 3: Pour in herb, turn fire off, cover pot and let steep for 10-15 min

Step 4: Carefully and slowly pour water into bowl and lean over bowl draping towel over head to trap in steam (keep face about 6-8 inches from bowl)

Step 5: Steam face for 3-6 minutes followed by favorite mask OR moisturizer

**My favorite mask to do after the steam is any clay or charcoal type mask to help further detox the pores. Please note, steaming too often can cause the skin to become dry and irritated. Also, remember to steam a freshly cleansed face only.  As stated earlier, I do this about once a week for 3-6 minutes at a time.

Let me know if you’ve tried this before and your thoughts on it! 

**I’ve decided to do a mini giveaway to 3 of my subscribers. I will be sending out a personal blend of herbs for your very own facial steam!!
 I will randomly be picking 3 subscribers out of the comments by 5/31/17 12pm pst. **

Update! I am pleased to announce the winners of the Facial steam herbal blend are:

1. Maemi

2. Kawai

3. Rachel Hamlet

Thank you all for sharing, reading and giving me your feedback! I love to interact with you all and doing mini giveaways are so fun! Stay tuned for more summer posts and goodies πŸ’›



48 responses to “Herbal Facial Steam + Mini Giveaway (giveaway closed)”

  1. Rachael Hamlet Avatar
    Rachael Hamlet

    I am super excited to try this tonight when I get off from work. I have some loose tea leaves and whatnot to use. Thanks a bunch for this idea!

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      You’re welcome! Enjoy!

      Update to let you know you have been one of the random winners of the herbal face steam.
      Please email me your name and mailing address to info@knightsglow.com

      once again thank you for reading!

  2. Jadonna Dorsey Avatar
    Jadonna Dorsey

    Will this work in a face steamer or is that doing too much? Also, I truly enjoy when you do these because I try products and routines you post because I know how much you love taking care of yourself.

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      I wouldn’t put the herbs in the steamer as that may be tricky to clean. You can however follow my same steps and strain it and just pour the liquid portion into the steamer. Thank you for reading!

      1. knightsglow Avatar

        I’ll be picking randomly this week and posting the winners 5/31 ! Stay tuned πŸ™‚

  3. peech Avatar

    I’d love to enter the giveaway!

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      I’ll be picking randomly this week and posting the winners 5/31 ! Stay tuned

  4. larhondapr Avatar

    I’d love the herbs! My best friend’s mom use to do this for us in HS – need to get back into it. It was so soothing

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Wow that was so nice of her!

  5. Eva Nishimwe Avatar
    Eva Nishimwe

    I love this! My mom used to make me steam with eucalyptus when I was sick/congested, and it always had my face feeling extra smooth even though that wasn’t the goal. I’d never thought about using other herbs for skincare purposes.

    I’d love to enter the giveaway.

    Thank you for this!

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Mmmm Eucalyptus is one of my favs as well! So refreshing and really helps during cold/flu season. Stay tuned I will be picking the winners 5/31! Thank you for reading 😊

  6. Ashley Avatar

    I’ve been curious about getting into face steaming I have oily skin. I’m drying some lemon and orange thyme from my garden are those good herbs to use?

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Absolutely! This blend sounds heavenly by the way, I’d love to know how it turns out

  7. Alysa L Avatar
    Alysa L

    Meeeee! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ My mom does this but with orange peels, ginger, lemon grass and grapefruit peels

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      This sounds heavenly!

  8. KAWAI Avatar

    Oo I am going to try this tonight! This probably feels amazing if you have a headache too (which i get a lot). Thank you for sharing! ❀

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      This can definitely help ease a headache, let me know if it helps! Thank you for reading πŸ’›

      Update to let you know you have been one of the random winners of the herbal face steam.
      Please email me your name and mailing address to info@knightsglow.com

      once again thank you for reading!

  9. Andrea Dashiell Avatar

    Just subscribed… so mad i’m late to your blog!!

  10. dreaonassis Avatar

    Just subscribed… so upset i’m late to your website!

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Thank you for subscribing!

  11. AnaMaria Avatar

    This is sensational! I’m glad twitter help me find this blog! Just subscribed πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Thank you! I’m glad you found it πŸ’› thank you for reading 😊

  12. The Broke Black Chick Avatar

    Oooo I’m definitely going to try this! I’ve been looking for something similar to this since my skin has been breaking out more than usual.

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Great! Let me know how you like it! πŸ’›

  13. Simmi Avatar

    I had my first breakout. Seems like hives, but I’m not sure. There’s welts and bumps all over my face! πŸ™ win or not, I definitely need to start doing facial steams!!

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Oh no 😧 I hope you’re okay! Try some thing like chamomile or rose to help soothe. Thank you for reading πŸ’›

  14. Destiny Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to do this I’m so happy that I stumbled upon your blog!

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      You’ll love it! I’m happy you stumbled onto my blog too 😊 thanks for reading!

  15. Sharonda Avatar

    I love this.

  16. Aja Avatar

    Please! I need dis 😩

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Stay tuned Aja! I will be picking winners 5/31 πŸ’›

  17. Juanita Vesey Avatar
    Juanita Vesey

    I’m definitely going to try this! So happy I found your blog… I’ve started dry brushing because of you. Love and light ✨

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Thanks for reading πŸ’›

  18. yianasmemoirs Avatar

    Hey, this is interesting. This is my first time hearing about a facial like this, I’m always looking for new natural + holistic beauty treatments and this one is something I wouldn’t mind trying. Thanks!

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      You’re welcome! Enjoy πŸ’›

  19. yianasmemoirs Avatar

    Hey, this is interesting. Also the first time I’m hearing about a herbal facial. I have dry skin so I would love to try this, always on the look out for new natural + holistic beauty treatments. Thanks for sharing! Good luck everyone.

  20. Brittney Booker Avatar
    Brittney Booker

    I have to try this out! Your skin is amazing so I know I can only win by doing this πŸ˜©πŸ–€

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Thank you!

  21. Maemi Avatar

    Wow! <3 I love this post, the herbal steam looks wonderful πŸ˜€ beautiful pictures, KnightsGlow

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Thank you so much! Still working on my pictures so that means a lot πŸ’›

      Update to let you know you have been one of the random winners of the herbal face steam.
      Please email me your name and mailing address to info@knightsglow.com

      once again thank you for reading!

  22. thelyricsoflifeblog Avatar

    I really want to try this! I’m always looking for new ways to improve my skin! The pics look amazing πŸ’š

  23. adriana Avatar

    just found your blog – it’s really helpful! great information about hair and skin, thanks! and I’d love to try out this herbal blend treatment πŸ™‚

    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Thank you for reading! Winners will be chosen tomorrow at noon πŸ’›

  24. 100percentem Avatar


    I really like this post, I like how you have formatted it and given the appropriate how to information and added in what you like to do.

    I use a lot of essential oils, but I may have to try herbs out! are there any you would recommend for acne? or hair growth maybe?

    I think you would like aromatherapy from the sounds of this post, I also use it for mindfulness, I will be soon writing a blog on aromatherapy actually with essential oils! I find it very relaxing


    1. knightsglow Avatar

      Hi Em, thanks for reading! Calendula is great for acne prone skin and soothing herbs like chamomile and lavender are also helpful. As far as hair growth, I love using rosemary (essential oil or herb form) to stimulate the scalp.

  25. babl Avatar

    Thanks for the nice post. πŸ™‚

  26. blissfulbohemian17 Avatar

    Absolutely delightful! I’ve never even thought of making my own tea but now I have to! Thank youuu

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