ACV Challenge Day 29

Share a goal of yours with me! One of my goals is to create an all natural beauty line with most (if not all) of its components planted, grown and handmade by me. I want to travel to New Zealand for my own manuka honey. I want to have fields of lavender, rosemary, apple trees…

ACV Challenge Day 28

Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a wonderful week! Sending my positive vibrations to everyone and anyone who needs them.  Todays phrase is: Good Vibrations XO  Knight 

ACV Challenge Day 27

We’re almost past the finish line everyone! 3 days left of the challenge. Todays word is happiness.  XO Knight 

ACV Challenge Day 26

To keep this short and sweet, I read (skimmed) through the 48 Laws of power a while back and decided it wasnt althe book for me. I don’t know, some of the chapter titles and excerpts I read just gave me manipulative / snake type vibes and I wasnt interested in something like that at…

ACV Challenge Day 25

As I was thinking of today’s word, I had a colleague at work ask me how my challenge was going. (He actually asks daily) We were talking about my intentions for the day and how I wanted to use the challenge to not only improve wellness and health of the body, but also of the…

ACV Challenge Day 24

We are Halfway through the last week! If I can be totally honest, i am enjoying these last few days of the challenge. I’m actually going to miss seeing some of you sending me your posts every morning….some right at the 11:59 cut off. Today I want to do something a little different, there will…

ACV Challenge Day 23

Hoping everyone had a great start to their week! I feel really refreshed and sharp this workweek. Don’t know what it is, but i hope it continues on for the rest of the week. I want to take a moment to uplift anyone who needs it! The word of the day is Uplift. XO Knight

ACV Challenge Day 20

10 days left of the ACV Challenge! Today’s word is patience, what has patience gotten you thus far? Keep up the good work and enjoy your Saturday!   XO Knight

ACV Challenge Day 19

Almost done with the 3rd week! Congratulations!! Now lets just push through that 3rd weekend and we’re in for the home run!! During these past couple of months I have been busy with work, feeding my creativity, creativity, goal setting, getting acclimated to married life, etc. I’ve been going going going like the Energizer bunny…

ACV Challenge Day 18

Keeping it short and simple.  The phrase is to exceed expectation.  Meeting the bare minimum is okay…but exceeding expectation will always me more rewarding. Challenge yourself today by setting a goal (small or big) and exceeding it! XO  Knight