Week of 4/27 – 5/2

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Hello Fresh Collab!

This week was a such a cool week! We did a cool project with HelloFresh over on Instagram Stories and we even got our first link/code here! You can get 16 free meals + free shipping when you register your information and use code KNIGHTSGLOW16 at checkout on HelloFresh.com. I’ve done a number of partnerships in the past, but this really excited me because I got to show a little bit of my personality with it and really have fun! Here’s to more of THAT this year!

Working Out PostPartum

I took Dori out and we had such a good time doing our workout. Personally, the “snapback” culture of post pregnancy body is a little overwhelming at times so for now, my workout consists of the following:

  1. Low intensity movements that will help rebuild my core (ab separation after babies is REAL!)
  2. Long walks somewhere scenic where both me and baby can take in nice views and fresh air.
  3. A few sets of lunges and squat using baby as my personal weight ( i feel like this is a building and bonding moment).

I wore this really chic pale blue set (pants & jacket) I bought while pregnant (the strech on this thing is unreal) and not only was it super comfy, the color choice was BEAUTIFUL both in person and on camera. Dori wore Isley’s old pale blue adidas jumpsuit (light blue color is sold out but you can find it similar here and the royal blue version here) to match me and it was a vibe!

Trying Pupusas

We tried pupusas at the playa vista farmers market. Isley loved them and of course Dori was just glad to be there! I enjoy the farmers market so much mainly for the food and fresh fruits and it’s also another chance for me to get outside and enjoy life. i’m excited to introduce both the boys to different farmers’ markets this summer! The weather was so strange this day, first it was sunny, and then it was super windy? So as a true Angelino, we layered up. My outfit: top, denim shorts. Isleys Denim Sherpa Jacket (sold out), but similar options here and here.

Making Pizza with Isley

Isley and I made some super quick and easy flatbread pizzas for dinner the other night and although the film process was a little shaky for me (still learning about icloud memory and how to work my camera lol) it was such an overall sweet experience I’m glad I was able to capture!

See you next week!

xoxo, knight <3

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