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Week of 4/20 – 4/26


All items shown this week have been underlined. If you see anything that’s not linked here, let me know and I’ll do my best to have it updated or link something similar if the item is sold out. You can expect a new email in your inbox every Thursday!


We’ll Youtube VLOG, I’ve been dumping my shorts there lately. Youtube is a new beast but I’m excited to get into a rhythm over there as well! Make sure you check it out! I had a mom’s night out Monday night and attended Talk Cool Moms live podcast taping at SoHo Downtown LA. Before leaving, I prepped a simple Instant pot Spaghetti and paired it with carrots, fresh fruit and rosemary and garlic focaccia bread from Sprouts (bread shown in recent grocery haul).


For the podcast taping, I wore a sleek silk from Song of Style and a pair of nude strappy sandals. The event was really cool and chill, there was WINE and some and a few reps from the sleep sound album Sleep Soul. I chatted them up and learned about their R&B style of music they’ve created to help soothe baby to sleep.

Good Morning

Since having 2 kids, my routine isn’t so stringent anymore, I still get the important things done when I can but focus on making it truly a “Good Morning”. My favorite thing about our new morning routine watching Isley greet Dori each morning and the excitement they have to see each other.

Watermelon Dreams

I forget just how sweet it is to have baby try certain foods for the first time. Spring/Summer is one of my favorite seasons, so I was super excited to have Dori try watermelon out in the sun with me. I remembered to take my camera this time and I captured some of the sweetest memories.


Speaking of Summer, I feel it’s appropriate to declare my call to action to my new moms! We’re taking the kids out this summer! We’re getting the pics and videos with US in it as well. We’re not waiting to be “summer ready” and we’re keeping our foot on summer’s neck this year!

Dori Tries: Mango

I consider mango pit to be a resistive fruit. It’s so large and sturdy aka essentially indestructible that it poses little to no choking hazard. They can be popped into the freezer for a teething treat for later.


Good Morning Routine

Watermelon Dreams & NEW MOM PSA:

Dori Tries Mango:

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