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Weekly Newsletter 4/14 – 4/19


Here’s my first weekly newsletter in an attempt to streamline some things. Here I’ll share any notes, recipes or products shown from this week’s posts! Make sure to follow along on tiktokinstagram and youtube @knightsglow ! If you see anything that’s not linked here, let me know and I’ll do my best to have it updated or link something similar if the item is sold out.

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Grocery Thoughts & Grocery Haul

I consider the start of my week to be whenever I go to the grocery store and restock the food in the house. Call it the “Grocery Reset”. I let Isley go over some of our favorite items we got to use for the weeks meals. He’s switched from loving blueberries, to ignoring them, to now loving blackberries!

Workout Flow

In an effort to get better at being consistent with moving my body outdoors, Dori and I found the motivation through trying Flow Water’s Rose & Strawberry flavor. I had a little bit of your help in IG stories, we got dressed and got our workout on! It felt so rewarding to not only do what I said I was going to do, but also reward myself while doing it with something that’s also beneficial for me! !

Yellow Dragonfruit Press Release

If you haven’t already seen the original Yellow Dragonfruit video from a few weeks ago, I suggest you watch it and come back to this post! The comment section was looking a little like the Wild Wild West so I called up our in house lawyer and she released a press release to answer any questions and clear up any rumors.

Trying Crunchy Peppers

To end the week (and the groceries), Isley and I bonded sweetly over some mini crunchy sweet peppers. Isley would never look TWICE at these but lately he loves to CRUNCH CRUNCH on all things crunchy. I knew if he walked in on me crunching on these, he would want in. This is what I like to call “THE SET UP”. I knew he would love the crunch sound but I was pleasantly surprised that he seemingly enjoyed them as well! I made it a little fun by toasting our peppers with a *Cheers* and be a little silly with him. I think we get so caught up in trying to disguise or dress something up for our kids to “like” something when truly, it’s about the timing and that golden opportunity to introduce something! Dori missed out on this one but I promise I’ll make it up to him.


Grocery Haul:

Workout Flow:

Yellow Dragonfruit/Press Release

Trying Mini Peppers

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