October Favorites

Here again with a few of my favorites this month!

As we near the holiday season, most of the items mentioned here would also be a great gift / stocking stuffer for someone. Of course if you try any of my favorites I’d love to hear your thoughts!

1. Hannah Sauvignon Blanc: The perfect crisp and refreshing white wine with hints of citrus, nectarine and vanilla bean. I grabbed this on a whim at Trader Joe’s one day and have been obsessed with it ever since. My husband who normally DOES NOT drink wine even loves this and will ask for a glass of “Savi B” whenever he sees me with it LOL! It pairs well with almost anything or of course alone too.

2. Supreme Models Coffee Table Book: this was a gift from me to me during my recent birthday and it book is STUNNING in person! The book gives stunning pictures of our most iconic black models old and new and some interesting quotes and interviews from them. This book is also great gift to your girlfriend who’s recently moved or anyone who is looking to add something interesting to their coffee table.

3. SKIMS Velour: a flashback to the early 2000s for real. These are some of the softest velour pieces I’ve owned in my life! The colors are gorgeous the fit is oversize yet feminine and super comfortable! I love how the jacket can be worn regularly or as a crop depending on your mood and how comfy the pants are. They come in different fits ranging from track pant, wide legged, shorts, joggers or leggings. I tried both track pant and jogger and love both equally depending on my mood. I pair them with a simple white sneaker or classic Ugg’s now that it’s a little chilly in LA.

Pictured are copper, honey & gunmetal

4. iPad Air: okay okay okay I am obsessed with this thing! I don’t understand what took me so long to join the club? At the moment I use it for organization and planning but I love how sleek and lightweight it is. Not to mention the cute colorways it comes in. I don’t have a case for it yet so any suggestions are welcome!

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