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One of the things I was most excited to do after a few months of having my baby was to get outside for some fresh air. It was both good for me mentally as well as good for him (he usually slept the whole time). I’ve always loved working out on my own and majority of the time outside. This workout is great for those who are looking to start somewhere after not working out in a while or even for those who would like to add a little variety to their jogging routine. It’s easy to do on your own or with your little one!

I like to do the 10-15 reps of each move and repeat the cycle 3-5 times. I would like to add that in no way am i a professional at this and of course, I would advise getting your doctors OK before engaging in any type of workouts postpartum.

Deep Squats: This was one of my favorites to do with my little one when first starting out because it’s so much easier to keep my posture upright when holding onto the stroller handle. Making sure you use a wide range of motion, keeping the core tight and feet pointed forward. If little one is fussy, you can always hold them to provide a weighted squat. Plus they get a kick out of being lifted up and down!

Pulsing Squats: To get a deep burn, i immediately go into pulsing squats after the first move. Wherever you can go lowest, stay there and pulse your body in small movements up and down. This move is especially great for the inner thigh.

Walking lunges: Again, using the stroller handle for support, step one foot forward and bend both front and leg down 90 degrees. You can do the walking lunges in place or for added bonus, find a nice hill to walk up. This is a great move to build the glutes!

Pulsing lunges: Since we did a pulse after the very first move, it’s only right we do the same here. Again find your lowest point before your knee touches the ground during the lunge, stay there and pulse your body up and down in small movements. I find adding a pulse move after a move that requires wide range of motion really builds up the lactic acid in the area I’m targeting HELLO BURN!

Dead Lift w/ Leg Raise: This is the perfect stretch/toning combo to add once you’ve done all that legwork: Make sure your body is in an upright position, using the stroller handle for balance if need be and with a flat back, bend downward whilst simultaneously kicking your leg up straight behind you. You should feel this stretch behind the leg in your hamstrings. This move also helps in reducing cellulite in the same area as well.

Walking Crunches: Very similar to how you would do a bicycle crunch but while standing or walking. This is a great move to give baby some motion if they get a little fussy since you can do this while pushing the stroller. Lift one leg up and meet opposite elbow making sure to keep the core tight and toes pointed.

As always, thank you for reading 🙂

xoxo Knight

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