Salad in a Jar

I love to prepare a good meal for myself but to be honest, having a newborn oftentimes makes that difficult. Insert – jar salad prep. I’ve never been big on meal prepping because most of the combinations I’ve found tend to be a boring mixture of grilled meat, rice and sautéed veggie that you need to reheat throughout the week. It may work for some, but just isn’t appealing to me at all! I recently stumbled upon salad in a jar and thought I’d try my rendition!

At first I was put off, thinking I’d have some soggy lettuce and stale veggies but if you layer it correctly, it’ll taste just as fresh as if you made it that day! My favorite part is how easy it is to grab, shake and pour onto a plate. All you need is a glass or plastic mason jar and lid!


  1. Salad dressing of choice
  2. 1/2 Cucumber (diced)
  3. 1/2 Avocado (diced)
  4. handful of mini tomatoes (halved)
  5. 3 -4 TBSP cooked quinoa (optional)
  6. 3 sprigs fresh dill (chopped)
  7. 3 basil leaved (chopped)
  8. sprouts for garnish
  9. handful of arugula

Add ingredients to mason jar in order listed above and store in fridge until ready to eat! I like to make mine about 3 days in advance so the ingredients stay fresh.

Of course you can have fun with it and swap out different ingredients to your liking, but so far this has been my favorite combination thus far! Any meat i decide to add to the salad i keep in a separate container and add on top after pouring onto a plate.

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