September Favorites

As we enter into fall (best season of the year) I want to share some of my favorite items during the month of September! I found myself quite obsessed and will most likely drag them over into the October month as well!

1. Spiced Pumpkin Latte Candle by Voluspa: This one isn’t NEW NEW. I discovered this candle last year when I couldn’t find my favorite fall candle at home goods. It’s the perfect amount of pumpkin and spice packaged in a chic glass orange jar. I place a few of them around the house to get me into that warm and cozy vibe we all associate with fall. If you know Voluspa, you know how well these candles burn and how long the scent lingers even when not burning.

2. Épanouie Body Whip & Body Oil: I’d been trying HARD to get my hands on this combo for quite some time but it was always sold out. I finally got lucky and got my hands on both body products and have been using religiously every night. The whip is a rich butter type moisturizer that goes on light weight and the oil is probably THE most decadent body oil I’ve ever tried. My skin is left feeling silky smooth without the greasy feeling afterwards. Plus the oil smells of fresh grounded coffee which makes me excited to use every time I finish my shower. If you ever catch the products when in stock PLEASE do yourself a favor and grab them both!

3. Pumpkin Brioche by Trader Joe’s: I’ve absolutely worn my household OUT with this bread LOL! I’ve had it, my husband has had it and even the baby on one or two or a dozen occasions. I love to use this when making my French toast with fresh blackberries and pumpkin butter. I have a recipe here that’s quick and delicious using this bread. It’s seasonal so if you think you want to grab some, go NOW before it’s all gone!

4. Good Notes App: This app is any planner or organizer or any style of taking notes on steroids. I went down a rabbit hole of THE MOST aesthetically pleasing note taking and organization tips using this app. You can create your own templates or buy a cute editable PDF template from Etsy . The best part? This app can sync to your iPad, MacBook AND iPhone. I currently use the app to meal plan, grocery shop, and plan out my days accordingly. I’m quite literally obsessed!

5. Restore and Rest Reishi Mushroom & Cocoa Tea: It wouldn’t be a favorites list without tea! Right now I’m loving this tea right before bedtime as it soothes and relaxes my body at the end of a long and active day. The cocoa makes me feel like I’m drinking a cup of hot chocolate before bed and the sleep I get after drinking this unmatched. You can find this tea on Amazon or at most health food grocery stores like Sprouts & Whole Foods.

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