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Top 5 leave ins for natural hair


Leave ins get left out of natural hair talk for reasons that escape me. I feel like a GOOD leave in conditioner is the powerhouse of making your wash n go last and really prepping/priming your hair before you style it. You can also go as far as to reapply it throughout the week to refresh your style! Here are my top 4 leave in conditioners:

1. Kinky Curly Knot Today: there’s a slight learning curve to this one because J has to learn that this leave in is BEST applied to soaking wet hair. It has a crazy amount of slip to it which is great for also detangling hair.

2. Camille Rose Moisture Milk: this is an OG leave in that is light enough to go under your final styling product but still dense enough to provide great moisture! There’s rice proteins in the product so it also builds strength in the strands too.

3. Aunt Jackie’s Knot on My Watch : this product is great at detangling hair and keeping your hair super soft and manageable. It’s a little on the light weight side so this type of leave in works well with reapplication during the week without much worry about build up.

4. Camille Rose Honey Mousse: using a mousse as a leave in is genius for us with fine hair or low porosity because this one just melts right in easily but also add good moisture. Another product that works well reapplying throughout the week in areas in need of extra TLC.

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