Scalp Oil Massages

Long time no see!

Lately I’ve been focusing my attention on Instagram and couldn’t really think of a way to tie my blogging back into my posts. However, I took the time to figure it out during this quarantine since I’ve had ample enough time to sit in the house and brainstorm. Over the past few weeks I’ve implemented a lot of new habits for myself, one of them being nightly scalp massages with oils.

I’ve actually tried scalp massages with oil in the past and ended up with a very irritated scalp after a few days OR I just wouldn’t notice a difference since my hair would still seem pretty dry.

That’s when I decided one day to do my scalp massage on damp hair and noticed I was able to get the oil throughout my scalp easier, my hair didn’t feel super greasy AND I found myself able to do it daily without a tender scalp or too much buildup!

Benefits of consistent scalp massages with oil include:

• improved blood circulation

• unblocked follicles

• hair growth

• Stimulation in areas where hair has thinned or fallen out and

• nourishment to the scalp and hair

• softer hair

•better moisture retention

This is something that can be done daily preferably before bed so your hair has time to really soak up the product interrupted. I tie a silk scarf over my hair so my pillow doesn’t get damp or oily overnight.

I like to use whatever oils I have on hand at the moment (olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil are in heavy rotation). One of my favorite oils to do my scalp massage with is the Camille Rose Naturals Cocoa Nibs & Honey Growth Serum. This oil comes in a bottle with a convenient applicator so you can apply the product directly to the scalp or area without mess. It also doubles as a hair growth serum using biotin and Ayurvedic Brahmi and Amla oils.

I hope everyone is safe during this time and taking care of yourselves to your best ability. This it the perfect time to try out new things or things that haven’t worked for you in the past. There’s plenty of time! Let me know if you’ve tried scalp massages with oils and which are your favorite!

xoxo Knight

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