DIY Disinfecting Wipes

As most of you know, I am QUEEN of trying to make everything myself. Partly because I cant stand to see my hard earned money go down the drain and there’s also the part of me that needs to know everything that goes into making anything. I need to see those ingredients baby!!

One of things my husband and I are constantly spending on, are cleaning supplies. You know how it goes…cleanliness is next to godliness yea, yea, ya know? We currently live in a three bedroom house, in addition to having 2 long hair dogs. Everything needs to be cleaned. And wiped down almost constantly!

Not to mention, both of our dogs are on a raw diet. (New idea for a blog post? Hmmmmm….) Not only is it important for us to keep the house clean, but we also need to make sure we are keeping certain areas free of bacteria that may get us or either of our dogs sick. After buying countless containers of cleaning wipes and sprays, I decided to look into how I could make them myself also without having to constantly replace.

Insert, reusable cloths.

Genuis right? Right! But what about the actual cleaning part? After researching and reading up on my beloved natural  antibacterials, I was able to put together a 3 ingredient mix that would not only keep the house clean, but would have a heavenly smell as well.

What You’ll Need:

1. White Vinegar

2. Distilled Water

3. Essential Oils: Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon and Orange (orange is optional) (you can always add others in addition to, but this is a great and effective base)

4. Reusable cloths (think old face cloths, microfiber cloths, etc.)

5. Spacious jar with lid



Mix together 1 cup distilled water and I cup white vinegar along with 20 drops of tea tree and lavender essential oil, and 10 drops of orange and lemon essential oil. I like to mix my ingredients together in a glass measuring cup for easy pouring.

Next, roll cloths tightly and insert into container with lid. ( i prefer glass to keep the ingredients safe) , pour mixture over cloths slowly, press cloths down again, keep container closed. If your mixture didn’t make enough for the jars, you can always double up the mixture.

After you’ve poured the mixture in, let the cloths soak up the mix and you can begin to use cloths as you see fit, throw them in the wash after they’ve been used and repeat! Yep that simple & that easy.

I use these cloths in my bathroom on surfaces, on the kitchen counters for spills, daily maintenance and to wipe the area after my dogs eat.

Let me know if you give these a try and how they turnout for you!


Knight 💛

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    Thank you all for reading! I’d love to know if you try the wipes 😊

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