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Carrier Oils vs. Essential Oils 


I have a slight obsession with oils. Actually I have a full obsession with oils. There are so may that are packed with a amazing benefits and properties that they can get a bit overwhelming. Not to mention pricey (this part I know first hand about).  I want to create a simple guide to choosing the right oils based on your needs whether it be fading blemishes, brighter skin, shinier hair, hair loss, dry skin or even oily skin etc. 

Before going into your local health food store or grocery store (in some cases) to buy oils, I recommend you know AHEAD of time what you’re looking for your oils to do. Whenever I go to my local Sprouts with no plan, I end up leaving with WAY too many oils I’m prepared to work with. Also set your budget and know of alternatives to work with if you’re not yet ready to splurge on $20 for 1 oz.

Essential Oils (EO)

Essential Oils CAN get a little dangerous if not used correctly ESPECAILLY when applying to the skin. I use essential oils in my house for a number of things, skincare, haircare, cleaning, air fresheners, aromatherapy baths and flea repellant for my dogs. I like to think of essential oils as you would when adding food coloring. A little goes a VERY long way. Essential oils are concentrated oils that carry the scent of the fruit, herb or plant they were extracted from.


You can mix them in with carrier oils, water, or other solutions so that they are diluted and safely used.  When buying essential oils, make sure they come in a dark glass bottle or the bottle states it is UV protected to keep the EO safe and long lasting. Here are my top EO pics.

Lavender EO – aside from smelling great, it is a natural antimicrobial, has relaxing and destressing properties, helps respiratory system

Tea Tree EO – smells a bit on the medicinal side, great for preventing bacteria, natural antiseptic, I apply this (diluted) to disinfect cuts on myself and my dogs. 

Rosemary EO – great for use of stimulation the scalp, good aroma therapy for improving and strengthening the memory, light herbal scent

Lemon EO – one of my all time FAVS for cleaning! Can be mixed with solutions to clean metal surfaces, added to dish water for clean scent, for skin brightening (when carefully and mindfully diluted), natural insect repellant

Peppermint EO – great as a post workout muscle pain reliever, helps respiratory system, natural insect repellent

Carrier Oils (CO)

Carrier oils can get a tad mixy. Literally and figuratively. There are SO MANY combinations out there already premixed it will make your head spin. I prefer to buy them pure and mix my own concoctions. Plus it’s cheaper when it hasn’t been already “conveniently mixed” for you. You can use carrier oils can cleanse the skin, soften the skin, soothe skin and even help with current acne or acne scars/blemishes. Improve your hair health, help retain growth and keep your teeth fresh and white (if you’re about that life). The idea of a CO is exactly that, these oils are great for adding EOs, fragrance oils, herbs to make an infused oil, extracts and anything else you are looking to dilute. Most COs should also come in a dark bottle or bottle specifying it helps to block UV to keep the oil in pristine condition.

** please note It’s wise to stay away from any oils derived from a nut if you or your loved ones that live with you have a nut allergy**

Here are my favorite carrier oils. This list got a bit carried away, but I narrowed it down to top 5 so it wouldn’t be OD long. Don’t worry, we have many posts ahead that can get more into oils! *does birdman handrub*

Olive oil: this is my all purpose, hair, body, cooking oil that I cannot live without. It’s usually a rich golden-green color and has a mild taste to it. Great for adding shine to hair, conditioning strands and a great moisturizer for the body. Price range is anywhere from $5 to $10 depending on quantity and quality.

Coconut oil: okay I have an extreme love hate with this oil. It’s like the dairy of oils. (Am I the only one who LOVES cheese although I know the impact it has on my skin?!) be careful using this oil on your face as it can definitely clog pores. However…if it doesn’t and you are some goddess unicorn, then by all means, slather this baby on. I use this oil to pre-poo or moisturize my hair. Keeps it very soft and shiny without much buildup. You can also use this oil for oil pulling. Great at removing bacteria, loosening plaque and preventing other dental issues. I tried it for 30 days and let’s just say I’m not about dat life. Try mixing with activated charcoal for a natural teeth brightener. Price range $6- $10. (I find Trader Joe’s always has the less expensive jar for $5)

Avocado oil: high in fatty acids and high in vitamin e. Like avocados, this oil (injested or applied topically) promotes healthy supple skin. Massage it into scalp to increase blood flow to hair follicles and coat each strand for soft and strong hair. Price range: $7 – $15

Jojoba oil: one of the few oils close to the sebum our skin naturally produces. This multi purpose lightweight oil is great to add to your skincare routine for soft skin yet still effective enough to remove makeup. Price Range: $4 – $7

Rosehip oil: this oil is amazing at healing acne scars and brightening the skin. I have used this oil in my skincare for years and consider it to be a staple. Usually a dark orange color with a strong vitamin e like scent, Rosehip is high in vitamin A & E. This oil is holy grail for blemishes, sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. Rosehip oil is maybe one of the more pricier oils, but a little goes a long way. My 1 ounce bottle lasts me minimum half a year with daily use. Price Range $16 – $25

I KNOW!! I said five 😭 but you try making a top 5 list and succeeding! Then call me to teach me your ways. Just consider this the bonus track on the album okay?! I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing I left this baby out. 

Almond oil: another lightweight oil high in antioxidants to keep skin soft and supple. This oil is lightweight enough to oil cleanse but powerful enough to still loosen up and remove debris. Because of its vitamin A content, you can also dab a bit under your eyes to help with dark circles. Price Range $7 – $16

What are your favorite essential and carrier oils and what do you like to use them for?



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