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Bentonite Clay (Detox) Hair – for defining & clarifying curls 


Hair masks are something I’ve been using on my hair for years. Usually, they’re your standard creamy, thick, deep conditioner type masks that you’d find at your local beauty supply or drug store.  For years, I’ve used bentonite clay on my skin as a mask, but never thought to use it in my hair. I mean, it’s clay! Messy…dries fast, not to mention it gets on everything and doesn’t seem very “hair friendly” right?!

Side Note: I don’t know what it is about cutting all your hair off that turns you into this dare-devil goddess type being, but once i had little to no hair, i was up try just about anything.

ENTER the Detox hair mask. A supposedly “miracle made” for hair, especially those with curly strands who are prone to product build-up.

As it does for the skin, the clay helps to draw out excess oils and impurities. All while clarifying and balancing the scalp and keeping the hair soft. Sounds like a win win for me, so i decided to try it. MAN WHEN I DID!  Not only did it actually clarify my hair, it left it so soft and shiny and DEFINED THE HELL OUT MY CURLS! I mean them thangs was clumpin OKAY ?! I was sold to be perfectly honest. The best part? It’s super easy to make and cheap, honey.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Bentonite Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, water and essential oil of your choice (optional) I do equal parts clay and liquid until I get a creamy consistency that can be easily spread. 

Pro Tip: when pouring the liquid over the clay, let the liquid absorb into the clay before you start to manually mix, the consistency comes out much smoother without much manual labor and less awkward clumping. As far as adding essential oils, my favorite to use it rosemary to stimulate the scalp, (plus i love the smell) but you can use just about whichever one you like. Sometimes when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add in some extracts or aloe vera juice as well, but today we’re keeping it super simple.

After rinsing out any product in hair (washing is optional but I’ve found it isn’t necessary), begin to apply the mixture onto your hair making sure to coat every strand. Gently massage it in to get the blood flowing to the scalp. You want your whole head and every strand evenly coated. You might look a little crazy, but who cares?! While applying the mask, you want to have a water bottle near by to keep the mixture moist while you massage the scalp. You DO NOT  want this mask to dry on your hair. I massage for about 5 minutes and put a shower cap or plastic bag over my head to trap the heat. 

After about 30-45 minutes of getting on my husbands nerves and dancing around the house to Rose Royce, the mask is ready to be rinsed out. I usually will do this in the shower to avoid it getting on my counters. Rinse with warm water and be sure to get all of it out of your hair. BOOM, dassit. Style after as usual. 

Here’s a photo of my curls after rinsing the mask out and BEFORE adding any product. Shiny, defined, juicy & bouncy! 

Let me know if you try the detox hair mask and what your thoughts are!

XO Knight

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