Dry Brushing 101

Dry Brushing? Sounds odd right? We know to brush our teeth (hopefully) and hair, but what about our skin? It keeps the skin soft, supple and firm. Normally you brush upwards toward the heart in small strokes before a bath or shower.

1. Benefits: Dry brushing helps rid your body of toxins by draining the lymph nodes in the body. Pay extra attention to areas like the armpits and inner thighs (especially if you cross your legs a lot). Since this is a form of exfoliation, it definitely aids in removing dead and loose skin cells to help reveal soft and beautiful glowing skin! Who doesn’t want glowing skin?! Usually this is one of the first benefits noticed when you start dry brushing within the first week at least if done daily. The results are better than any other form of exfoliation I’ve tried to date! Dry brushing before your shower helps to clear dirt and oil the pores. I dont know about you, but I absolutely cannot STAND to see the little black dots on my legs after shaving. You know what thats from? Not exfoliating the skin enough and keeping the debris trapped. I’ve also heard that dry brushing helps to increase the blood flow which can give you a boost of energy! I usually dry brush only at night since I like to relax and take my time doing it.

2. What you need: The key is to find a firm brush made with natural bristles preferably with a long (and detachable) handle. You can find these online or any wellness store market usually. I got mine from here.

3. How to dry brush: Use a light to medium pressure with the brush. No need to press the brush into the skin. Start at your feet brushing in short (4-6in) strokes upward toward the heart. I usually brush the same area about 5-10 times before moving on to another area. The whole body takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes depending on how fast youre moving. This is something I do after winding down so I tend to take my time. You can dry brush everyday up to 2 times a day. I would suggest starting off maybe once every other day moving toward everyday once your skin adapts to it. If you are experiencing dryness it itchy skin, you may need to use less strokes or lighter pressure. Do what works for you! I would not suggest you do this on your face unless you have one specifically designed for the face.

What are your thoughts on dry brushing?


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