ACV Challenge Winners

Thank you to all of you who participated and spread the word about the #30DayACVChallenge! But a SPECIAL thank you to those who got stuck with all 30 days with me. That means, you not only held yourself accountable for drinking it, you submitted your photo to me with the correct phrase/word/quote of the day on time every single day for thirty days. There were some of you sending me your photos as early as 3am and some who got it to me in those last 2 minutes of the day. You deserve rounds !

Here are the Challenge Winners:

  1. @_M_Pulse
  2. @_t.iau
  3. @1inAMilli913
  4. @BeeMichelle
  5. @brownsugarbaee
  6. @ChiChi_Lynn
  7. @CruzanChoklate
  8. @GameofJones_
  9. @Haskin_Robbins
  10. @Hi_Essie
  11. @igobyrocsi
  12. @MsLynda85
  13. @MzNikiLz
  14. @Pennywas
  15. @Scandalous_Mimi
  16. @shanna_alicia
  17. @SheriAnnn
  18. @soytraicy
  19. @Tash_NoChill
  20. @youngcor
  21. QiQi_26

I am blown away by the number of people who were able to follow through and be consistent! Some of you shared that this was the very first time you’ve made an effort to do something consistently for 30 days and actually done it. Some of you shared the amazing benefits you’d experienced during the 30 days as well. As promised, I will be sending out personalized wellness packages to the winners. Due to the high count of winners (this is totally MY fault for not thinking this all of the way through in the beginning of the challenge), I will have to choose 5 random winners to receive the package. The other winners will still receive a handwritten note and a goodie from me. I want to make things as fair as possible, but sending out this many wellness packages would cost me over a grand. Something I Definitely was not prepared for.


UPDATE: My 5 winners who will receive the wellness package are:

  1. @1inAMilli913
  2. @BeeMichelle
  3. @brownsugarbaee
  4. @GameofJones_
  5. @MzNikiLz




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