ACV Challenge Day 19

Almost done with the 3rd week! Congratulations!! Now lets just push through that 3rd weekend and we’re in for the home run!!

During these past couple of months I have been busy with work, feeding my creativity, creativity, goal setting, getting acclimated to married life, etc. I’ve been going going going like the Energizer bunny without taking any moments of appreciation for myself. I know you recognize that moment when you wake up and decide that you need to take an entire day and dedicate it to yourself.

Self Appreciation is one of the best gifts you can gift yourself. It sounds like it should come naturally, but think about it, when was the last time you really showed yourself appreciation? When was the last time you congratulated yourself? The last time you admired yourself? The last time you did something for yourself to show how proud of you, you were? We all get so caught up in life, that we forget to give time and appreciation to the most important person. Ourselves.

Today’s Phrase is “ I APPRECIATE ME/MYSELF”.

Today I took a day to nurture myself, appreciate my self, and love myself. Away from work, emails, phone calls and all that jazz that can cloud your peace of mind. I want today’s focus to be on self appreciation. Tell me how you plan to show yourself some appreciation!



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