ACV Challenge Day 16

Creativity. Something I thought I never really had. I’ve always admired people for their creativity and wished I had a creative side. Not knowing that not only was I creative, but when I gave it attention or fed into it, it grew like wildfire. My creativity is extremely impulsive and wild. However, I find that when I do not take the time out of my day to feed/maintain my creativity, it starts to wither like a lifeless plant. Feeding my creativity makes me happy, it makes me feel as if I am in love. If I go whole week without giving it any attention, I will look up and wont be able to form any new ideas….I will be at a complete blank, wondering where my creativity went and when or if it will ever come back. 

Big Magic written by Elizabeth Gilbert

 helped me tap into my creative side and figure out what I have a passion for. I am still learning how to maintain my creativity and treat it as priority. 

Todays word is CREATIVITY . We are all creative! I would love to share some creative ideas with you guys. What is your passion? Do you want to change the world? Where would you like your creativity to take you?



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