ACV Challenge Day 13

Lucky 13! Second Saturday! Week 2 complete…..however you want to look at it! Weekends can be tricky! Make sure to carry your acv with you if you dont plan to be home! Or make a mix and store in a bottle to take with you. 

When i started this challenge, my ambition was to personally promote health and wellness to as many as i possibly could. I feel it in my heart that I have achieved more than i could imagine when i initially set out to do the challenge. 

The word of the day is AMBITION. 

Ambition: a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
Funny, as I was writing out this blog and thinking of today’s word (yes i think of a new one everyday….i have NONE of these planned out) 2Pac’s My Ambitionz Az A Ridah came on lol. Extremely appropriate.


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