ACV Challenge Day 6

You know how when things are going good, going great, something comes in to turn it upside down? To me that’s called LIFE. I try not to sweat the small or really the big things in life at all. Things happen, shit happened unexpectedly at the wrong time for the right thing. Life is has a great sense of humor. A good sense of wit when you ask me. So I could only laugh when my cell phone fell into a sink filled with water this evening. Of course of course I tried the old “put it in rice” trick, only I forgot my phone was in rice until I realized I needed to take my pictures for social media for the 30 day challenge word of the day! Ohhhh goody! So you can only imagine as I grab my phone in a hurry wiping excess rice away, I am THRILLED to see my phone turning on (we’re now at 11:52, T Minus 8 minutes until I need to have my post up). Not so thrilled when I realized it could not charge and was left with a 4% flashing battery 🙂 (this is when I realized how HILARIOUS life could be… seriously!) And just to think yesterday I was at work asking why water proof phones were being made when no one still drops their phones in water in 2016. LMAOOOOO wow. okay Life, i get it…i get it!!!! Anywho, today’s word is ……..



the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action

I think that word of the day is extremely

Have a great Saturday people!! Still get those pictures in to me!

Ain’t no phone in the water gonna stop this Rodeo!


xo Knight

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