30 Day ACV Challenge

Earlier in the week, I stopped by Sprouts to buy a replacement Apple Cider Vinegar bottle for work. As usual, I decided to share it on social media with a little excerpt of it’s benefits.


Not only did I realize a lot of people were misinformed about apple cider vinegar, I also realized, people truly didn’t know all of it’s amazing benefits! As I came to this conclusion, a 30 day ACV Challenge quickly popped into my mind and thus, a challenge was born!


Before I get into the rules and details, I will briefly discuss the benefits of ACV again for those who weren’t on twitter to read my delicious thread.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is just that, a vinegar made from apple must. It is usually very strong in smell and sort of an orangey amber color. Raw and unpasteurized usually will contain an ingredient known as “the mother” which is in a nutshell, all of the good stuff you need loaded with good bacteria and potassium.  ACV has been confused as too acidic for the body because of it’s low PH. Once consumed, it can actually alkalize the body. Although strong in taste, you can always doctor it up by diluting it with water, adding fresh lemon, raw honey or even fresh ginger. Also try drinking it cold or hot like a tea so see what your preference is (I prefer both for different situations but room temp is a NO from me.) When I drink it cold in the mornings and afternoons, I find it gives me a quick energy boost.

Internal Benefits & Uses:

  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Helps fight diabetes
  • Aids in digestion which can speed up metabolism which in turn helps weight loss.
  • A great energy boost to start your day if ur trying to ditch caffeine
  • Suppresses the appetite to cut down on miscellaneous snacking
  • ACV strengthens the immune system which in turn keeps colds and flus at bay
  • Keeps the intestines / guts healthy by introducing good bactiera 
  • Although acidic, once consumed it alkalizes, thus helping balance the body’s PH 

External Benefits & Uses:

  •  Use on hair as a rinse to clear dandruff, keep hair shiny, balance scalp
  • Mix in a toner to clear up breakouts 
  • Substitute ACV instead of water in clay mask for a deep pore cleanse
  • Apply to old cuts, bruises & scars to fade 
  • Soak feet or mix in hot bathwater for a detox
  • Used in sprays for household cleaning/disinfecting
  • Used in the garden to kill weeds

So, In a nutshell, ACV is super beneficial for a lot of things. I also have it as one of my Top 5 natural ingredients for skincare

I personally drink 1-2 teaspoon in 8oz water first thing in the morning and right before bed totaling 16oz throughout the day. Some like to get it over with in a shot, but taking a shot of pure ACV isn’t something I think I can live through.

Now for the Details of the Challenge!

Here’s What you’ll need: Apple Cider Vinegar – Preferably Raw, Unpasteurized & with “the mother”. Braggs is a great brand and is sold at most grocery stores in the health or dressings aisle. A cup, bottle or jar for pouring, and that’s about it!

Here are the rules: drink up to one glass of water + tsp acv or a shot daily for 30 days. Yep. That’s it!!

For accountability: You can tweet me, tag me in an Instagram post, DM, Snapchat me, etc (all @knightbeatsday) . The picture must contain the ACV mixture / shot, as well as the current date on a piece of paper. The plot twist to make sure everybody is playing fair, I will require a different phrase or word to be on the paper daily. I will update th blog as well as social media with what phrase/word will be used for the day. For example, the word of the day might be Braggs, you will write the date on a sticky or paper, along with the word Braggs. Easy right? Right.

Challenge Completion: Whomever completes the full 30 day challenge with pictures, phrases and all, will recieve a personalized wellness package from me. 

8 thoughts on “30 Day ACV Challenge

  1. Thank you for your thread on the benefits of ACV! I’ve heard it’s really good for you but never really looked into it. I’m currently pregnant and checking my Googles to see if it’s safe (and I’m going to call my Dr lol). If so, I’m definitely going to participate!!


    1. You’re very welcome! I have heard that it helps with regularity through pregnancies from those who suffer from it. Id love to know with the doctor says if you dont mind sharing!


  2. So excited! I am starting Monday, I will begin this ACV Challenge… I was doing every morning but not sure what happened lol but this challenge should help me get back on track!

    Look forward to my tweets/snaps/IG/FB posts… 😁


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