Lavender Skincare Trio

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to create a skincare product and send it to people who were willing to give me their HONEST TO BOB feedback on my creations. Unbeknownst to ME, there were a couple hundred people who were INSTANTLY interested in receiving Free skincare from me. I should have figured, people love free shit right? But that was me, downplaying my abilities and peoples interest in me to think I would have to scour high and low to find a measly 10.  I announced on twitter (@knightbeatsday) that I would do a random selection of 10 people within 24 hours. None of this was planned, I was literally doing as my heart said in the moment only. This sounds fun right? RIGHT! After getting home from work, I immediately wrote down what items I was going to send out. I couldn’t decide on what to send, so I went with all three of my ideas.


A cleansing grain, a blemish fading toner, and a nice multi-use oil blend. This would represent the basic structure of anyone getting into skincare and unaware of where to start while simultaneously helping those in need of keeping their routine basic and simple. Once I ordered my supplies, grains, oils, herbs, glass bottles, etc., I was ready to rumble in the jungle like a mad scientist. I wrote my ingredient measurements down, sterilized the hell out of everything and got to work.

So as you all know, one of my favorite scents is lavender. I love to mix it in almost anything and it has amazing benefits aside from the calming and heavenly smell. I decided incorporating the lavender to the products would create a calming and relaxing mood while pampering your skin. Sort of like a spa experience! (add a steamy shower and it’s LIT!!) Here are some amazing benefits about lavandula angustifolia aka Lavender, you probably didn’t know:


  • calming, balancing, and relaxing to the mind
  • reduces the appearance of scarring
  • natural antimicrobial properties (great for preventing acne)


Now let’s get to the fun part. Before we do anything, let’s first be sure to remove any makeup (if applicable).

makeup remove

I use a cotton round, a few drops of warm water and jojoba oil to remove my makeup, but any makeup remover you have that works well is just as fine.


The Cleansing Grain (1st step)

Cleansing Grains are different alternative your traditional gel and foamy type cleansers. The dry ingredients are effective enough to use daily to remove the layer of dead skin cells without damaging the delicate skin on your face. Since the main ingredient here is clay, the mixture also doubles as a great pore cleansing mask. You can use cleansing grains anywhere from once a week to daily, it’s all in your preference! You will need equal parts cleansing grain and water (or Apple Cider Vinegar if you dare to be bold) in the palm of your hand to form a paste. (Ex. 1 TSP of cleansing grain and 1TSP of water)

cleansing grain

While mixing, it will form a consistency thin enough to spread on the face but thick enough not to run down and make a mess (playing with the right measurements helped me learn this). Apply the mixture directly to the skin (avoiding the eyes) massaging with your fingers in circular motions for about 15-20 seconds focusing on major areas of congestion. (bridge & side of nose, under bottom lip, middle of eyebrows etc.).

on face   mask

Let the mixture sit for 5-10 minutes (it might start to give a tightening/pulling sensation as it dries, don’t worry, that’s just the clay working it’s magic!) and rinse off with warm water. I usually use this before taking my shower and rinse once I have finished my shower and moisturizing my entire body. I love leaving this mixture on for as long as I can to get all of it’s great benefits!


The Blemish Fading Toner (2nd Step):

Toners? What is a toner? Do I need a toner? I’ve gone my whole life going back and forth with toners. At one point I felt as if they did nothing for me and was just a pointless step to make my skincare routine even LONGER. There are many different types of toners that do different things. Rose for calming and softening, BHA/salicylic acid for exfoliating and so on and so forth. As you all know, apple cider vinegar (one of my Top 5 ingredients) is one of my favorite ingredients for almost anything skincare related. It helps to mildly exfoliate the dead skin to reveal brighter and youthful skin. The low PH of ACV also helps to balance the skins whether you have oily OR dry skin. Apple cider vinegar is one of the few things that has helped decrease the amount of oil my skin produces through out the day (ADIOS Oily T-Zone!).  For this toner, I’ve combined ACV and Thyme extract as my two main ingredients. The Thyme works to fade age spots, old blemishes and recent studies have said it to be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide.

This toner is also gentle enough to use daily and nightly. If you chose to use the toner during the day, be sure to layer with an SPF to prevent sensitivity from the sun. Depending on your skin type, if you experience slight irritation, you may need to dilute it with water. You can use this 2 different ways, spraying directly onto a cotton pad and sweeping gently across the face, or lightly misting the face and pressing the product in with your clean fingers.

If you have a specific area you are looking to fade blemishes (for me, it was my jawline due to hormonal breakouts), you can just concentrate on applying the toner in that specific area. The toner may (will) have a strong smell, but the smell fades in about 10-15 seconds, don’t worry, you won’t be walking out the house smelling like vinegar and thyme!!



The Oil Blend (3rd & Final Step):


My last step here is be the oil blend. This is what you’re using last to keep your face moisturized and supple. The base of this product is almond oil with a faint scent of lavender. I have the oil in this amber glass bottle to avoid sunlight causing deterioration of it’s benefiting properties. The base of the oil blend is almond oil and apricot oil with a few other moisturizing oils added as a boost. Almond oil and Apricot oils are both very light weight oils that penetrate the skin easily without clogging pores. These oils are great for all skin types and the almond oil doubles as a good treatment to care for under eye circles! Apply a couple of droplets from the dropper into the palm of your hand, and press firmly into the skin with your palms and fingers.

A little bit of this oil goes a long way. This oil blend is great to use daily and nightly, under SPF, under makeup, on your hair as an oil treatment, mixed in your favorite body moisturizers, you get the idea! (Hey, I even apply it to my cuticles & nails while at work)This oil blend also doubles as a multi-use to almost anything you thing of.



I thank all of you who have participated, who give feedback and further push me to continue to grow. It is truly a blessing to be able to give back and finally have a platform to voice my ideas and creations!

If you were one of the lucky 10 to receive this trio, let me know your thoughts! If you were not selected to receive it, still let me know your thoughts on the trio! I may just do it again!


Sunshine & Sunflowers to All


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